Approach & main objectives

QV-LIFT is committed to increase the maturity level of key satellite communication technologies and to contribute to a more competitive positioning of SatCom European manufacturers in the marketplace in many ways.

QV-LIFT intends to:

  • Advance the European RF SatCom technology by developing the following building blocks and systems at Q/V band:
    • GaN power amplifier MMICs at V band with up to 5W RF power output
    • a V band power combining High Power Amplifier based on GaN technology targeting up to 15 W power output
    • a high performance Block Up Converter operating in the V band
    • a Low Noise Block down converter operating in the Q band
    • Q/V band, Tx/Rx, single aperture antennas for the mobile and fixed terminals
    • a Q/V band TX/RX single aperture terminal suitable for airborne applications
  • Develop the first Q/V band Smart Gateways Management System able to counteract the propagation impairments removing one the main obstacle to the deployment of the future Q/V band Ground Segment
  • Fosters links between academia, large companies and SMES. QV-LIFT targets the full and stable integration of SMEs into the SatCom value chain by developing know how in the following key areas which are recognized as strategic for the future SatCom market: MMIC GaN integrated circuits, Q/V band RF components, Ground Segment Infrastructures