Final Review Meeting marks the end of the QV-LIFT project

January 31, marked the last day, after 39 months of designing, producing, assembling and testing, of the QV-LIFT project. It has been a long road, but the project team has managed it very well.

On March 24, after the postponement of the face to face meeting due to the health situation, the whole QV-LIFT Consortium gathered remotely to meet up with their EC Project Officer and external reviewer for a final evaluation of the project work and results.

During the day, the consortium members presented the progress, results and recommendations elaborated in QV-LIFT and discussed them with the EC representatives. The comments and questions of the EC experts led to fruitful discussions of all participants. The consortium got very positive feedback from the work done, which certifies the value of these years for all the partners.

The whole QV-LIFT team would like to thank the EC and the reviewers for this positive meeting!

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